David Starr Jordan Middle School serves sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students in Palo Alto, California, a community adjacent to the Silicon Valley and Stanford University. 

The climate at Jordan provides a positive and supportive environment in which students can explore, learn, grow, and use their skills to become independent learners and thinkers. Jordan is a place where students and the school community link into the larger real world. 

Our namesake, David Starr Jordan, was the first President of Stanford University. David Starr Jordan Middle School was built in 1937 and remained open until 1985 when it was closed due to lack of enrollment in the district. It was 
remodeled and reopened in 1991.

Jordan’s Mascot from 1937 to 1985 was a Dolphin. When Jordan reopened, the students voted to have the Jaguar become the mascot. In 1999 the students voted to have the Dolphin returned to its status as co-mascot with the Jaguar.

Our Mission:  Jordan Middle School is a community of diverse, accepting, thoughtful, and honest citizens. We promote engaged participation and student empowerment through a safe environment of respect, responsibility, and healthy challenges.

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