eScrip will pay Jordan up to 5% of your purchases from stores such as Safeway, Whole Foods, Mollie Stone’s, Draeger’s, and Piazza’s.

Let Your grocery purchases support Jordan Programs!

  • eScrip funds go towards Jordan school goals in teaching, student and family support, arts, enrichment and more. 
Thank You eScrip Families!
  • Jordan parents provided $9,000 to Jordan last year just by making purchases with club or credit cards registered with eScrip

It's SO Easy and Helps SO Much!


  • New Enrollees: Sign up your Club and Credit Cards
  • Jordan Group ID #137588197
  • Remember to split percentages or switch from your elementary school!

PTA Contact: Margaret Miller 

Returning Families: Renew your Safeway Club Card at
Some participating local stores and restaurants: Draeger’s, Le Boulanger, Mollie Stone’s, Piazza’s, Safeway, Round Table.