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For Jan. 8, 2017, from Principal Katie Kinnaman:   PTA & Site Council Support - THANK YOU!  At Jordan we are so fortunate to have financial support for our programs from both PTA and Site Council.  This funding allows us to fund technology, professional development, and supplemental classroom resources. These purchases are all made in alignment with site goals, district goals, and PTA/Site Council funding guidelines.  Funding underway so far this year, includes:

From PTA

  • Hot Plates - Science
  • 3D printer - Science
  • Virtual Reality Lab - CTE
  • CO2/O2 Sensors - Science
  • GoPro & Accessories - Science
  • Printers - English Dept.
  • Historical Novels - Social Studies
  • Conversion of workstations to support collaboration and new technology - Industrial Tech

From School Site Council

  • Collaboration Time - Math
  • School Visit - AVID
  • California Language Teachers Conference - World Language
  • California School Library Conference
  • Bay Area Writing Project Fall Forum - English
  • Big Sur Writing Retreat
  • CUE Fall Conference
  • Pearson Summer Conference - Math & Social Studies
  • Unpacking New HSS Framework - Social Studies
  • Greater Good Science Center Summer Institute - Climate Committee
  • Art of Yoga Training - PE
  • JAWS Center Staffing & Supplies
  • Journalism Education Association Conference
  • American Choral Directors Conference
  • Printers - Special Education

Thank you to everyone involved with PTA and Site Council.  Your support means we can put programs, technology, and resources directly in the hands of students and staff to impact their learning environment and experience this year - and beyond!  --  Katie Kinnaman, Principal


Building Stronger Families Event - January 10, 2017 6:00- 8:00 Gunn HS
Sponsored by PAUSD and Asian Americans for Community Involvement, this evening event focuses on a conversation on student reported attitudes, behaviors and values about substance abuse, mental health and overall well being.  Data provided by the most recent California Health Kids Survey will also be touched upon.  Groups will be held in Spanish, English, Korean, and Mandarin.  Resources and information for parents will be available.  Dinner will be provided.  For more information and to register please click on the link provided.

Link: Building Stronger Families 

Advisory Lesson - Disability Harassment Awareness Training
At Jordan Middle School, we continue to provide ongoing awareness around building an inclusive community. On Wednesday, January 10, during Advisory, students will learn about Disability Harassment and its effects as well as participate in a discussion about inclusiveness. Please speak with your students about this topic and how we can be part of a caring community.

Principal Coffee - Wednesday 1/11 @ 8:30 AM (Library)
Join Katie Kinnaman, Principal, and James Lubbe, Dean of Students. James will speak about Challenge Day, Day of Service, and the Service Fair - all great opportunities for students to connect with one another and the community.  All of these programs support our focus on social-emotional development. 

Jordan will run two Challenge Day sessions this year on January 17 and February 2. Challenge Day is an experiential social and emotional learning program for students in grades 7 and 8. The aim of the program is to ignite a shift toward greater school connectedness, empathy, and inclusivity. 

Jordan and YCS (Youth Community Service) are organizing Jordan’s first Service Fair for students on February 9. This event will be held during lunch in the MPR. Students can learn more about middle school service opportunities when they talk to community partners. Jordan students can also participate in Jordan Day of Service on March 29. Last year Jordan and YCS coordinated service opportunities with 11 local service partners. 

Hope to see you Wednesday to hear about these exciting events! 

What your teen wants you to know but can’t tell you- January 12, 2017- 7-9pm- Paly Media Arts Center
An evening event featuring a student panel, Q & A, refreshments and more!

Inspiration:  “The most certain way to succeed is to just try one more time.”  - Thomas Edison