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From the Principal for Dec. 11, 2016: 

From the Principal:

Please see the important announcement (below) regarding pertussis.  I spent two days at home waiting on my own pertussis screening test last week (it was negative!).  I understand the inconvenience of keeping kids home but this is a collective, community responsibility to ensure that our most vulnerable -- the very young and old -- are not exposed to this illness.  Please inform the school health office immediately if your child is being screened for pertussis and/or what was the result of the test.  Thank you!  -- Katie Kinnaman

Any student that has a cough must be sent to the health office to be evaluated. All students with a cough will be sent home to follow up with their physicians as per the direction of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.  In cases where students are confirmed to have pertussis, we will continue to share this information with staff and families who may have been exposed.  If you develop a cough, please follow up with a visit to the health office.

For the full letter - click on this link: Pertussis Letter

Second Semester Schedules were handed out on Wednesday, December 7th during advisory.  Pink (counseling) slips were supplied in your envelopes for students who wish to request changes.  All pink slips must be submitted to the counseling office no later than Wednesday, December 14th.  Additional slips can be acquired from Jena Babcock or Ruth Jang, both located in the front office.  

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