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For Jan. 2, 2017, from Principal Katie Kinnaman:   Happy New Year!     I hope you had a restful and rejuvenating Winter Break.  My house was (and still is!) full of my daughters home from college and nothing made me happier than the constant running of the dishwasher, laundry machines, and endless grocery store runs.  Seriously, as a new empty-nester these things actually brought me such joy!  Add in a few Netflix marathons, new books to read, and LOTS of football and it was pretty much the perfect two weeks.
At the same time, I LOVE the promise and invigoration of a new year ahead!  I always find such a renewal of energy and purpose at this time of the year.  It’s a great time as a family to sit down with your child and reflect about what worked well the first semester of the school year and what they would like to do differently.  Challenge your child to set some second semester goals -- and don’t just focus on academics!  Help them craft intentions or “solutions” (rather than resolutions) in the areas of emotional and physical well-being, as well as social and/or friendship goals.  Research shows that just by writing down goals, they are much more likely to be attained!  Get creative and display new intentions on a phone or computer screensaver, refrigerator poster, or just colorfully label them in the good ole’ Jordan binder reminder.  Set your own calendar reminder to check in with your child every few weeks to see how things are going and make the necessary tweaks or adjustments.

Welcome to three new Jordan staff members:
·         Linda Howard will be joining us four days per week as a substitute 7th grade counselor while Megan Ben is on leave with her new baby.  Mrs. Howard brings many years of district experience as a counselor at JLS and after a short retirement is jumping back in!  We anticipate Mrs. Ben returning in late March.  You can reach Mrs. Howard at
·         Angel Luong is joining us as our new health tech.  She has several years of district experience as the health tech at Terman Middle School.  We are lucky to have her join our team!  She can be reached at
·         Lisa Jauregui is our new Futures program (special education) teacher (H6).  Lisa joins us with more than eight years of experience in special education at Escondido Elementary school.  We are excited to have her experience and energy on our campus!  She can be reached at

Pertussis Update
The county health department has informed us that new cases of pertussis (whooping cough) continued to be diagnosed over the winter break.  Therefore, we will still be following our protocol for any students with suspected or confirmed cases, as well as students who are presenting with a cough.  For more information, read the full information letter -    Pertussis Letter.

Second Semester Schedules were handed out on Wednesday, December 7th during advisory.  Pink (counseling) slips were supplied in your envelopes for students who wish to request changes.  All pink slips must be submitted to the counseling office no later than Wednesday, December 14th.  Additional slips can be acquired from Jena Babcock or Ruth Jang, both located in the front office.  
Emergency Procedures – Code Red Drill on Jan 6, 10:30-11:20
To ensure safety at Jordan Middle School, we practice Emergency Evacuation (Fire Drill), Duck and Cover (Earthquake Drill), and Lockdown (Code Red Drill). Code Red refers to a situation in which there is an emergency on or near the campus (e.g. mountain lion, intruder). The teachers and students remain in a classroom during the entire drill and take directives from the police department who determine when the campus is safe to resume normal activity.  
As usual, Jordan will be conducting this drill in conjunction with the Palo Alto Police Department. The drill will take place on Friday, January 6, from 10:30-11:20. Since the school is practicing Lockdown procedures, the office will be closed during this time and we will not release students. If you need to pick up or drop off your child, please do so before or after this important drill.

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  - Carl Bard
“365 Days. 365 New Chances.”   - Unknown