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Jordan's own Television Broadcast program - AKA "JTV"!

Contact JTV!
  • JTV Website Check out the new look! 
    (contains archives of broadcasts and past features)
  • Email JTV:
  • Email JTV Instructor/Paul Hoeprich
    • JTV Announcement How To: 
    • Subject line: subject of announcement with dates needed.
      Body: what you need to announce (you can even write it in script format)
      Send to: by 7pm the evening before needed. A week ahead of time is even better. Give us your exact wording or the pertinent information and we will create the announcement.

to JTV's
new website!

JTV broadcasts LIVE every Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday at 9:10 a.m. 
playing this livestream video to view the
morning's broadcast-- toggle to full screen
and you're in business!!!

"After the Bell Rings"  - a new collaborative video series  
produced by Journalism students all across the District.
Watch the first episode here!

After the Bell Rings

    • TO:
    • SENT DATE: 9/6
    • SUBJECT: Announce 9/8-9 – Volleyball Tryouts 
    • “Hey, volleyball players, this week on Tuesday and Wednesday there are volleyball tryouts at lunch. Come over to the gym to try out for the Jordan team. See you at 12:25.”

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