Stream JTV Live with VLC

1.Download the JTV.xspf (0.7B) file below to your desktop, a folder, or anywhere you can easily find it for each following broadcast.

2. You will see a warning like this one below and it is ok, click "Open."

3. Once you download the JTV.xspf file, you will need to double-click on it to open VLC.

4. A traffic cone will appear in your doc; this is the VLC icon and means that VLC has been opened.

5.When VLC is opened, it will initially look like one of the pictures below until the broadcast begins. You will not see video streaming until 9:10. Notice you may need to click on the screen icon that is circled in red in the second image below.

6. Be sure to quit VLC at the end of the broadcast. On the next day, just double click your VLC.xpsf to start streaming again.