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Student IC & Portal Help

  • To Log in to the new PAUSD Portal, go to - Your User Name is your PAUSD ID # and your password is the one you created. Be sure to write down somewhere private: your ID#, your password, your PAUSD email address. Keep your password as simple as possible!!! You will need to enter it about a million times-- don't make it too complicated or weird.
  • To Log in to IC, your User Name is your Student ID #; your password should be the same one you set for the Portal; setting your password the SAME for all platforms (Portal, and IC) will help you in your Jordan life!!! 
  • Remember, to get to Google Apps, ALWAYS log in to the Portal first, then click on Google Apps there; that way you'll be in your Jordan account, not a personal one. That's also how you'll see any email you've received on If you're logging in to a Chromebook, simply enter your PAUSD email (<firstinitial><lastname><last5digitsofIDnumber> and your PAUSD password, and you will be taken directly in to your Google Apps account.
  • Need your Student Gateway or IC password reset? Contact:

If a student tries to log in more than three times with the wrong password, the IC account will be disabled! 

Please use the "Forgot your password" link to attempt to retrieve your password, then visit anyone on the list above
 if you still can't get into IC

If you need your Portal password reset, see someone on the list to reset it to the default so you can log in-- then when you click on Profile you can click on Change Password and reset it to what you want.

Password Resets:

There have been some security improvements.  Infinite Campus will now require users to update their security preferences.  Users are allowed to defer setting those preferences twice, but on the third login attempt the system will force the process.  The preference choices required:

  • Changing to a new, strong password 
    • Enter a New Password and Verify the New Password. The box to the right of each of these fields indicates the strength of the new password. Red means weak, yellow means medium and green means strong. Users will not be allowed to save a red or yellow password.
  • Setting a Password Recovery Email 
    • Enter your Email address if the existing email address on the account is incorrect. This must be a valid email address. Password recovery is done through a unique URL sent to this email address. Failure to provide a legitimate email address means an inability to recover your password.
  • Setting User Preferences 
    • Set up "Likes and Dislikes" selections. You will need to ensure a total of 8 Likes and 8 Dislikes images populate the Your Selection area prior to saving.